This is what Earth must have looked like before the human footprint. Immense forests as far as the eye can see. Massive tidewater glaciers calving, flowing and creaking their way to the Pacific. A vast glacial wilderness, bigger, bolder and more beautiful than anything you can imagine. Yet, ironically, it takes a smaller ship to appreciate the grandeur.

Venture to some of the most inaccessible places in the northern latitudes on an expedition along the Alaska Peninsula, the Aleutians and across the Bering Strait at the very edge of the world. Every moment can take your breath away: a humpback whale breaching in a spectacular display, a Brown Bear hunting for salmon, the dazzling pirouettes of a bald eagle plunging for its prey. More than 10 million birds nest in the Aleutian Islands, alone.

Diamond-blue icebergs, amazing wildlife, vast boreal forests that stretch to eternity… come experience the grandeur of Alaska. It's closer than you think with Silversea.
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